Very rare position

is eXtremeGammon

score: 0
pip: 97
11 point match
pip: 56
score: 0

is Player 1
to play 53

1.Rollout114/11 14/9eq: -0.075
40.89% (G:2.01% B:0.01%)
59.11% (G:13.15% B:0.39%)
Conf: ± 0.003 (-0.078...-0.072)
Duration: 51 minutes 31 seconds
* 2.Rollout114/6eq: -0.121 (-0.045)
42.45% (G:2.09% B:0.02%)
57.55% (G:12.93% B:0.39%)
Conf: ± 0.004 (-0.125...-0.117)
Duration: 47 minutes 37 seconds
1 2592 Games rolled with Variance Reduction.
Dice Seed: 9584
Moves and cube decisions: 4 ply
eXtreme Gammon Version: 1.21, MET: Rockwell-Kazaross

This is one of the very rare positions that one play wins most plain games and gammons while lose least gammons but still be the second best.

The key here is a cube action after the survival. If Brown missed a first shot, Yello will have a very strong double with the best play. A cube action after the second best won't be as strong as the first one. That distinguish the best from the second.

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