is akaisuisei

score: 4
pip: 139
11 point match
                          pip: 79
score: 9

is mochy
to play 54

1.Rollout117/8eq: +0.064
55.84% (G:29.68% B:0.21%)
44.16% (G:4.41% B:0.13%)
Conf: ± 0.012 (+0.052...+0.076)
Duration: 44.4 seconds
* 2.Rollout117/12 5/1eq: -0.004 (-0.068)
53.36% (G:28.88% B:0.23%)
46.64% (G:5.92% B:0.20%)
Conf: ± 0.014 (-0.018...+0.010)
Duration: 39.4 seconds
1 Truncated at 11 moves using 4 ply.
544 Games rolled with Variance Reduction.
Dice Seed: 1341
Moves and cube decisions: 3 ply

eXtreme Gammon Version: 1.21, MET: Rockwell-Kazaross

I chose 17/12 5/1 with the thought that I would have more pick and pass numbers because I could use six as a picking number while two as a stepping up number. That is true to 64 63 61. What I missed here is that the importance of placing my spare as useful as possible.

-If I roll deuce in next shake, it would be much better to have a spare checker on five point and a lone checker closer to home board. It is much more flexible.

-Small numbers (11, 13, 14) do not allow me to kill my five and six.

-65 force me to move full eleven pips instead of only five with 17/8.(So that 17/8 is better for immediate 65)
You should not missed to see whole picture of the position.

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