2nd day is over

Thank you for the donation.

I am just amazed how fast backgammon community reacts to this tragedy.
Everytime I login to bg servers , some windows pop up and saying "I will donate to victims of Japan".
Sometimes I have to play two games while talking to thrid as I don't want make them wait. Bytheway I still try to play my best game.
The best story I had today is about famous tournament director.
He is, not only one of the earliest respondes to my donation project, but also trying to
create live charity tournament in his hometown munich. He quickly realized that live charity tournament needs permission from authrity and lot of procedure, so he make it happen in Play 65 as I paste below.

WBA and Play65 have decided to contribute their share to help the victims of the catastrophe.
An online backgammon charity tournament will be held on 29th of March 2011 at 20:00 GMT. The winner will be awarded with a WBA Anniversary Board (limited edition) with the serial number 113 (a date not to forget).
Entry fee is 10€ only with no rake. All entry fees collected will be donated to UNICEF to support Japanese children in distress.

This is not end of the story. Yesterday he and his neighbors cooked 50 litters of miso soup (Japanese famous soup) to sell in a church. He borrowed some tools from a restaurant. Local food store supplied ingredient. He cooked and advertised it. 130 cups are sold for 3euro. All money is donated to charity.
He is a man.
I want to say thank you on behalf of Japanese People. Thank you Chiva..

As I am awke more than 24hours now, I need to rest. Please re-start in 8 hours , like 21:00 in Japan Time.
You could send us funds using paypal to mochy@backgammon.gr.jp. I will respond all of you by email, but forgive me , it might take some time. Thank you for the support.

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