Mochy's Matching Donation Project

Between  Tuesday and Thursday (March 15-17), I will play as many matches as possible on  the following backgammon servers: GridGammon, Safe Harbor Games, PlayWSOB, DailyGammon and  Play65. They will all be three-point matches, played for no stakes, unless the  opponent wants to bet. I will accept anyone. Novice and
Beginners are all  welcome to play. You will have the rare opportunity to play the #1 backgammon  giant in your home.

I am asking all who play me to donate $10 (or more)  to victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, regardless of the outcome of  the match. Each player can decide where to make the donation. (It would be very  helpful if somebody would please provide the information on how and where  donations can be made from each country.)
I  will also donate $10 for every match I play. This is the reason I am calling my  project “Matching Donation.” Alternatively, you could purchase one of our backgammon lecture videos  for $20 from Back-Gammon.TV. We will donate 50% of the sale to an  earthquake/tsunami charity.

The names of those  who participate will be listed here and
Back-Gammon.TV website, along with  the result of the match. 
I  hope to play at least 100 matches this week during the three-day  period.
Thank you very much for your kind support from all over the  world,


My nick name on the servers are;
Grid Gammon: mochy
Safe Harbor Games: mochy
PlayWSOB: bgmochy2
Play65: chocolate

The easiest way to contact me is using a chat feature in the servers.
PlayWSOB doesn't have a chat so you need to contact me via skype.(bgmochy is my skype name)

  To make a donation to The Red Cross, visit redcross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999
   to donate $10 from your phone.
   Operation USA appeals for donations of funds from the public. The organization also calls
   for bulk corporate donations of health care materials, which it will ship to the region
   from its base in the Port of Los Angeles. You can make donations online at http://www.opusa.org/ ,
   by phone at 1.800.678.7255 or, by check made out to Operation USA, 3617 Hayden Ave, Suite
   A, Culver City, CA 90232.
   The Japan America Society of Southern California, with other Japanese and
   Japanese-American organizations in the region, established a relief fund. Checks made out
   to the ・011 Japan Earthquake Relief Fund・can be sent to the Japan America Society of
   Southern California, 345 S. Figueroa St., Suite M-1, Los Angeles, CA 90071-1004. Secure
   online credit card donations can also be made at http://www.jas-socal.org/.
   Catholic Relief Services is also stepping up and taking donations. Sean Callahan, CRS
   executive vice president, said Friday, 展e know from 2004 the devastating impact that
   these tsunamis can have.・
   CRS is working with a partner, Caritas Japan, to assess where to put resources. To donate
   by phone: 1-877-HELP-CRS. To make a donation on line, go to http://www.crs.org/.
   To write and mail a check:
   Catholic Relief Services
   P.O. Box 17090
   Baltimore, Maryland 21203-7090
   Memo portion of check: Japanese Tsunami
Visit http://www.redcross.org.uk/Donate-Now/Make-a-single-donation/Japan-Tsunami-Appeal
   Your donation to the Croatian Red Cross will
   send to support the humanitarian work of
   Japanese Red Cross. You can help:
   payment to the bank account of the Croatian Red
   Cross 2340009-1511555516 reference number 02
   reference to the donor phone: 060 90 11 (6,15
   EUR, VAT included)
   or on-line donation to http://www.hck.hr/

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  2. I think it is a nice idea & I commend you for it. The problem with people reaching into their wallets when they feel bad about a disaster is no one is responsible for the money. There is over $5 BILLION missing while the Haitians are still living in tents. You send money via cell phones & it takes months if it ever gets there. I feel horrible about what happened in Japan & what it means for the whole world, I just don't think throwing $10 into the ethers or into a trash can would help the situation. GL with your project.
    Michael aka DoubleMikey @ SHG

  3. In Australia, one choice is to donate at https://www.redcross.org.au/Donations/onlineDonations.asp