500,000yen is donated

On 31st of March, I went to post office to donate 500,000yen (approx $6300) to Japan's RED CROSS.
500,000 yen include all collected donation from my project. (plus matching donation from me and my wife)
Play65 successfully held charity tournament on their server and raised 540 euro as well. They kindly allow us to transfer the money using their softwear, which was probablly the easiest way to send me money if donors have an money account.

DBgF will hold a charity tournament in chritiania on this sunday. They also hold a charity board tournament in Nordic Open as well. Besides that they opened an account where members can donate the money.

Thank you once again for all donors from all over the world!


Those who concernd that RED CROSS might charge too much administration fee, it is probablly not true.

Japanese Red Cross opened specific window for victims of earthquake and
tsunami this year. 100% of the fund raised through this window goes to
victims. It simply devided by a number of victims and eventually sent to
Handring fee and employment cost will be coverd by tax.
So Red Cross doesn't even count the funds as their income therefore they
couldn't use part of it as expenses.
This specific windows is totally different from usual donations, so
there is no worry for it being wasted to salary or some other expenses.

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